Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh Local Wild Seafood Cart

The food cart thing in Vancouver is still in it's infancy and already there are early favorites and the good ones are starting to generate some buzz. Fresh Local Wild has generated enough buzz that Guy Fieri from the Food Network made a visit on his first trip to Vancouver. I'm looking forward to seeing the episode.
I'm a big fan of food trucks at least the ones that do it right. Doing it right means fresh food, local food and organic ingredients. Holy crap someone should name a truck fresh local and organic! Close but then again since this truck is a seafood joint the wild fits better.
I had the fried oyster sandwich, crunchy oyster nuggets soft, supple, briny on the inside, nice. I'm glad I made it in time, I got the last one, two persons after me they ran out of all sandwiches, 90 tuna melts today, wow. It seams the tuna melt is the truck specialty, ok, I know what I 'm having next time. BTW, the fries are also outstanding, fresh cut, crispy, totally flavorful; my recommendation is to mix the sriracha in with your ketchup, my new favorite, who knew?
I like this cart; I'm going to add it to my favorites for carts. If you like places like Go Fish at Granville island or Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria, then I don't think you'll be disappointed with Fresh Local Wild. Check them out at the corner of Burrard and Hastings

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