Monday, October 3, 2011

Sushi Q a cold wet winters dish

 Sushi Q is a tiny tiny maybe 15 seat sushi joint on Dunbar, so small that the one and only restroom is in the back through the kitchen. The sushi master guy was butchering tuna and I am also happy to report that the kitchen was very clean.
Perhaps all restrooms should be through the kitchen? Then again, maybe not (I might never go back to some of my favorite restaurants).

I here specifically for the spice Miso chowder, Van Mags best places to eat and drink in Vancouver. I thought I'd throw in the Dunbar roll as well, what the hell, when in Rome;

avocado, shrimp, crab, orange row and cucumber roll with a smoked salmon jacket. Tasty but I think the salmon on the outside overpowers everything. Yes I am correct,  I just took the smoked salmon off one piece and it tasted much nicer, the subtle sweetness of the shrimp and crab really came through.

The Miso Chowder: Shrimp like stock broth, not nearly as spicy or salty as I expected but it does have a beautiful sweetness. The more I eat the impact of the flavour grows and grows, nice surprise. Killer thick noodles, this is a cold wet Vancouver fall and winter dish extraordinaire.
I'll be back on a cold grey Vancouver day. Is it Van Mags best places to eat in Vancouver worthy?

I'm not sure, it is very good but you should go and decide for yourself, it’s worth a trip.

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