Saturday, October 1, 2011

Refeul very disappointing

One of my favorite Vancouver Pizzas is from Campagnolo, Refeuls sister restaurant.
So it pains me to say that my last experience at Refeul was far, very far, from stellar.

Let me explain:

3:30 on a sunny Saturday my wife and I are starving we haven't had lunch so we decide to step into Refeul for a quick bite.

We are the only ones in the restaurant when we sit down; two other tables are occupied when we leave an hour later. It’s the dead zone between lunch and dinner service.
We order 4 appies. We ask that they be delivered all together.
10 minutes later Kate's salad arrives. It's a good looking salad and its tasty I only had one bite because Kate loves the beets. So I just watched her eat and then somewhere around her last mouthful of salad 8-10 minutes later my clams showed up.

The clams were very average; but the grilled sourdough was really good which made the dipping in the end very tasty. Kate doesn't like Clams so she watched me eat through the clams for about 10 minutes until the salmon and egg dish arrived.

Then I got the privilege of watching Kate eat for about 5 minutes until I got concerned and asked the server if perhaps my octopus salad is coming at all. Yes it's on the way...5 min later it arrived just as Kate took the last bite of salmon. So now Kate is watching me eat octopus.

The Octopus was not my favorite, I've had the octopus a Campagnolo were it was excellent, here the greens were just a bit strangely flavored and wilted.
In the end the food was very mediocre and the service egregious. If this was my first trip to Refeul I'd never go back and I would recommend that you stay far far away from this pace. Luckily I know they can do and have done better. Refeul please do better.
Oh, and the cherry on top of the bad service Saturday was on the way out when I noticed the fresh board advertizing in season fresh heirloom tomatoes. I would have loved some tomatoes if only my server told me about them. I walk away more disgusted then I was a few steps previous.

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