Saturday, June 18, 2011

Campagnolo Restaurant - Great Pizza

Campagnolo the back room
One of my favorite burgers in Vancouver is at Refuel in Kits. It's also a favorite more broadly as well. You can tell that there is a passion for food there, a passion for freshness and quality. It's not overdone it’s just good. Campagnolo is owned by the same people as Refeul. No burgers just Italian cooking here and easily one of the best pizzas in the lower mainland. Man, I am seriously craving one right now.

Pizza Prosciutto

The dough is chewy and crusty, the toppings are not overdone and then the while still piping hot the pizza is drizzled with good quality olive oil perfuming the whole restaurant with Adriatic aromas. The smells the flavor the look all reminds me of pizza you would get somewhere along the Adriatic coast, Italy or Croatia, your pick this is truly outstanding. I don't even care if the do anything else I'm going back for the pizza.

But wait there's more! Check out the home made charcuterie. I'm moving in next door at the Ivanhoe Hotel just to be close to this place. Yes it's a sketchy neighborhood but well worth the trip.


Campagnolo has just expanded to a new location on Hasting at Nanaimo with Campagnolo Roma. I hope to check it out soon.

Octopus Salad my complaint: Not enough of it. There rarely is really, nor can there be, really.

Octopus Salad

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