Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Fish Blue Fish. A Cod Dog and a View

Cod Fish Dog. Say no more. But there is more from this little shack on the harbour in Victoria. Look for the Sea Plane terminal and you are almost there. BTW its: Tempura cod + Irene's Bakery Hot Dog Roll + dill'd dijonaisse + tartar & pickled onions = heaven

I also had:

BBQ Fanny Bay Oyster Tacones. Golden shallot aioli + pea shoots + lemon pickled onions.
The Oysters were fresh, briny, pure ocean flavour.
Spicy Pacific Fish Poutine. Cuminy smooth silky.

I'm a big fan of the food shack or food cart concept. For the most part they seem to understand the importance of good quality ingredients prepared simply and honestly. At Red Fish Blue Fish the food is outstanding and 100 % Ocean wise, sustainable.

Grab your food, sit on the dock, take in the fresh salty sea air and enjoy.
Highly recommended

Check out this Red Fish Blue Fish Video on YouTube

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