Friday, October 7, 2011

Peaceful Restaurant - No Thousand Chili Chicken

Peaceful has two restaurant locations in Vancouver I visited the
Davie Street

I am here because of the “buzz”: Van Mags things to eat 2011 – Thousand Chilli Chicken.

And also a few months ago Guy Fieri from Food Networks Diners Drive-ins and Dives visited Vancouver and Peaceful was one of the restaurants he visited. I don’t know what he ate?  The show will view in the New Year.

First impressions; Peaceful is a nice no frills family restaurant. The kitchen is open so that you can view the chefs pull handmade paste. I love that. If you’ve never had fresh pasta this way go quickly, there is nothing better on a cold wet Vancouver day then fresh pulled home-made pasta in broth.

General Tsao's Chicken
Today I am here for the Thousand Chilli Chicken. But crap it’s not on the lunch menu. I asked for it anyway and I had a slight language problem with the server. I got a bit flustered, had to order by number off the menu, had chicken on the mind and ended up ordering General Tsao’s Chicken instead.
 It was pretty good; the chicken was supper tender, the sauce was sweat and yet a bit on the salty side. The broccoli had a fantastic pineapplely flavour.  But damn it, it wasn’t the thousand chilli chicken. And just to rub it, I was sitting at the window counter and smack in front of my face was the takeout menu with Item C1: Thousand Chilli Chicken staring me right in the face.
C1: Sichuan Thousand Chilli Chicken

Peaceful Beef Rolls: Five Spice beef in crispy green onion flat bread and sweat hiosin sauce. Good finger food. This is all about the sweet hiosin sauce for me, tastily but I found the flatbread a bit greasy. Still an OK dish.
Peaceful Beef Rolls

I can see why Triple D came around. The restaurant is nice family run type of joint, you get a nice show from the pulled pasta and the food is pretty good.

But me, I’m just going to obsess about not having the Thousand Chilli Chicken.

I'll be back!

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