Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Subway, Everywhere

I can't believe I'm blogging about Subway. So let's just call this an editorial rather then a review. After all I would guess with some sense of assurance that most people in Canada have been to Subway and know all about that familiar smell.
Subway is about fresh ;) if you believe the marketing. It’s about making the right choice in a market deluged with crappy fast food. It’s about sandwich artists. For me it’s the lesser of all evils when my blood sugar levels are in dire lows and there is nothing else around. I rarely eat here. In fact I was lamenting over a couple of past posts why anyone would actually eat at Subway when there are phenomenal options like La Guianda in Kits and La Galleria in Edgemont Village.
 In my case, this time around I pulled into a little strip mall in Burnaby, starving and looking forward to a deli sandwich from a small Italian deli I hadn't been to in awhile. Sadly said deli was under renos and closed. Look there’s a Subway conveniently located in every strip mall in every city.
So, mechanically separated chicken it is. It sort of looks like a chicken breast but there is so much gelatine in this mystery meat press that I think you need to call this what it is a chicken hotdog without the tubing. I try and eat well but I have this weird affection for hotdogs so a chicken dog is not so bad but don't sell it as fresh white meat. And then there’s the bread. Really? What's the ratio of flour to chemicals in this loaf. Take a look at the picture see the way it kind of falls in on itself and you can almost squish it down to nothing?
I could go on but alas I digress. Why would anyone eat at Subway? Because its there its everywhere and we are all most certainly sold on its deceptive "fresh" marketing claims. Until we meet again subway. Yes I will be back.

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