Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Be'wiched Cafe, Surrey BC

You really really have to look hard to find this little cafe. In something resembling a strip mall tucked behind the warehouses and big chain restaurants Be'witched gets lost in the noise, invisible from the street. Almost invisible parked right outside its doors.
I suppose Be’witched has to depend on word of month or in my case other bloggers. Thanks to: Follow me Foodie.
I came because word has it that this place makes everything from scratch and uses organic?
I like that.
I also came for the chilli. It was just that type of day but alas, out of luck, no chilli today. So I grabbed the Cuban Sandwich and the Follow me Foodie recommended pumpkin cookie.

The sandwich was nice, above average, maybe I've had too many Panini’s in my time, because at the end of the day that is what a Cuban sandwich is. I'd order it again it was a nice lunch.
The cookie, yes it was fantastic and unique, highly recommended. Not often you come across great taste and uniqueness, but to be fair, it’s easily more of a pumpkin cake with frosting then a cookie. Just saying. Still good.
I'll be back to Be’witched Cafe, I like the homey feel, I like that they make everything fresh and from scratch and like supporting unique mom and pop places like this.

But guys get some signage

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