Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cafe Salads de Fruits, French Fry Fanatastic

Moules et frites
Cafe Salads de Fruits wins two awards:

1. First award: Most non descript frontage.
Let's call this the secret restaurant awards.
I've never been here before, meeting friends for lunch, I have the address and do a slow drive by on

7th Ave
, I hit the end of block. Crap, missed it. I've got the address, 1551, great, should be mid block, I do a Uiee, park mid block. Were this place? Oh wait a second, it sort of looks like someone could be sitting at a table behind the glass in the building next to me. Yup, turns out Salads is sequestered in a small corner of the French Cultural Centre on 7th. The signage sucks. But on the other hand it didn't really seem to matter, once inside, seated and enjoying lunch with friends there was a constant line of people being turned away. This place was packed and rocking. I guess this is the secret hidden gem of French bistro dining in Vancouver.
Those in the know, know and now happily so do I.


Poutine Maison

2. Second award: dare I say it, one of the best frites in the city.
Yes, the fries rock. And its funny because there are so many places doing mediocre fries out there that when you come across fry greatness it blows your head off. Hey, anyplace that includes fries with the pizza order has to have it going on. So what makes these fries so special? I don’t know what they are cooked in, I don’t believe the waiters veg oil answer, but the flavour is outstanding and the cut is Mcdonaldesque, thin, crispy, salty, so tasty that I would upon occasion forget to dip them in the mayo. Hey, its French bistro no ketchup allowed.
The rest of the food is classic French Bitro, simple, uncomplicated and delicious.

Enjoy the food pics and don’t tell anyone were this place is.

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