Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jamaican Pizza Jerk, tempting but mmm goat curry

Really, I was not aware that jerk pizza was a Jamaican thing?
I'm starting to believe that pizza is the national food of the world.
Non the less Jamaican Pizza Jerk is a small hole in the wall dive on commercial that serves other, besides pizza, authentic Jamaican fair. Chef Bounty certainly looks authentic, and the food tasted great. A Rastafarian musician walked in and sat at the counter, so that that seals in my mid at least the authenticity of this establishment.
 I had the goat curry (Tuesday and Fridays special).
The goat had a spicy sweetness and was fork tender. The potatoes in the stew (my description) were melt in your mouth soft and juicy. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough. I would prefer a big bowl of this stuff, some nice bread to slop up all the juicy goodness and a corner table under the speakers blasting reggae. Just me and my goat.
I'm really curious about the jerk pizza and it is certainly on the agenda but the next time I come in I my just have the specials:

Brown Stewed chicken ( Tuesday and Thursday)
Goat Curry ( Tuesday and Friday)
Oxtail (Wednesday and Saturday)
Cowfoot ( Saturday)

Really were else can you get cowfoot? I hope I can get to Jamaican pizza jerk on a sat.

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