Saturday, September 24, 2011

Belle's on 32 , the coffee shop

I don't need to go back.
Belle’s is a nice enough place, a country coffee shop kind of feel, a Martha Stewart Living wanna be but more likely designed my Marsha, Martha’s less talented second cousin.
I think my biggest issue with Belle's are the Panini sandwiches. Belle’s advertises that they make everything from scratch but then they serve this really bad panini bread and its not just Belle's that does this I've noticed other restaurants use this same bread this flat oval ultra white "Panini " bread. The colour and the thickness of this bread scares me it doesn’t seem natural it just seams wrong. Don’t even get me started on the grill marks. What's wrong with using good quality bread in your Panini’s? Here's my rule of thumb; if you wouldn't eat the bread without it being grilled then why use it at all?
Maybe I'm blinded by the bread issue maybe Belle's serves something of quality? To be fair the apple tart was tasty. OK, I'd go back for the tart. I'd sit in Marsha’s comfortable faux country design cafe have a latte eat my tart turn my back to the order counter and try not to think of white  Panini bread.
Who am I kidding, I can't get the damn bread off of my mind!
BTW, Belle’s also has a full service restaurant right next door to the café. I’m curious. I’ll let you know.

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