Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bibo. Vancouver Take a picture next time.

I got so damn exited about the pizza I forgot to take a picture. But believe me it looked and tasted great.
Is it just me or are there a bunch of thin crust wood fired pizza places opening in Vancouver lately. I've got about 5 others on my to-eat list so stay tuned. I love good pizza and Bibo’s does it good. Even when it isn't good it's good. Let me explain; the server came over after we ordered our pizza to inform us that someone screwed something up in the morning and the dough wasn't to their standards. We could still order the pizza but we were to know before hand that it would not be up to Bibo’s standards. The pizza arrived and hell if this is sub par pizza then I’ve been eating truly crappy pizza all these years. The pizza was great, the crust was chewy and crispy and smoky and delicious. And the server was falling over himself to let us know that they could do better. Shit if this is the bad stuff I've got to come back for the good stuff and get my head blown off with flavor. Maybe I'm setting my self up for failure or maybe this is a restaurant ploy but I can't wait.
The meat platter is hands down how I like to eat, some cold cuts some prosciutto some olives lots of good bread and a drizzle of olive oil. If Bibo’s just served me this I'd be happy as it is munch on this and get your appetite ready for the main pizza douse.
I'm adding Bibo’s to my favorites for pizza.

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