Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barbs Fish and Chips. Best of Victoria. Not.

Best best best!
Look at all of these awards. Best this, best that, best everything its just best best best. Unfortunately, yours truly was not impressed.
I had the Halibat and Chips, truly average. It's Halibut season and yet I suspected my Halibat was previously frozen. To be fair I didn't ask but the texture of the fish was dry and shreddie, if you know what I mean, not fresh and moist and fresh fresh fresh.
The fries were great so is the location on the docks, its food with a rustic view, but I couldn't help feeling a bit let down by the fish.
If you are looking for fish and chips in Victoria go to Barbs and then walk a couple of km down the harbour to Blue Fish Red Fish and enjoy  some truly extraordinary Fish and chips.

Fish and Chips with a view

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