Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Red Wagon Cafe. Mmm pulled pork pancakes.

I hear Deb saying, "Wow, you ate that fast"
I look up from what's left of my pancakes, quickly scan everyone else’s plates, yup they look shamefully untouched and yes I have indeed hoovered my meal.
Slight embarrassment ensues but only for a moment. Screw it, I look down and continue the destruction of the pulled pork buttermilk pancakes.
Ya, this totally sucks! I need another stack.
Pride wins over gluttony. Both are deadly, but then perhaps so are these pancakes. Spicy succulent pulled pork nestled between three soft butter pancakes and then doused in totally awesome Jack Daniels maple syrup. Make sure you have all three on your fork at every bit because together this is a symphony. I bumped things up with a poached egg on top. What can I say a bit of gluttony kicked in during ordering, the creamy yoke breaking over the pancakes just adds an extra layer of decadence. I’m not even a pancakes guy. I can’t remember the last time I ordered pancakes, seriously.
The server tells me that this is the number one order for breakfast lunch and dinner service. I can believe it. It’s also what Guy Fieri had when he visited with Triple D. BTW, mark down Dec 19th on your calendar the Red Wagon airs on the food network. That would be Triple D checking out Triple P at RW ;) Nevermind.

Deb had the burger. It looked great. Better in fact then the one I had a while back. Check out my review back at Handsome Burger.

Dave had the pulled pork. He licked his fingers clean.

Wei had the beef and brie sandwich. I had a slice, it was ok. But then I just had the pancakes and its not a fair transition. The home made chps are addictive.

My only complaint about the Red Wagon is the size, this place is tiny and there was a constant line at the door waiting to be seated. It’s time to hitch another wagon to the red wagon and expand.

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