Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cafe Nuba, 146 E 3rd Ave at Main

We seek the freshest ingredients, organic and local when available and handpick them daily.

Nuba Authentic Lebanese Food. Although I’ve never been to Lebanon, it’s on the list, I can believe their claim. The food is really good. Here for lunch I had the deluxe toasted lamb pita, with baba ghanooj, Macedonian feta, tabooleh and caramelized onions. Nice. I love baba ghanooj, although what’s the difference between ganooj and ghanoosh? This is one of the few places were you can taste the roasted smokiness of the eggplant. Many places don’t take the time to build this level of flavour. I purchased a container of the baba to take home with me. It went surprising well with the chewy San Fransisco sour dough bread I bought across the street from the bakery. How's that for fusion dining.

Nuba on 3rd Ave. bills itself as Inspired by third world roadside cafes of the 1970’s. Really? I’ve travelled to the third world many times, granted not in the 70’s, and I can say with some certainty that this place looks nothing like a third world café. Well, maybe one operated by a Sultan on the Mediterranean coast. The café décor is bright, hip, modern and trendy. Nice, but not third world. I love marketing spin J

All meats are halal, non medicated and hormone free.

I look forward to going back regularly and working my way through the menu. Next time I am definitely trying the traditional style Turkish coffee.

  Thumbs up.

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